November 1, 2018

Having a decent job in a FTSE 100 company, last year I found myself suddenly being diagnosed with Reactive Depression and severe anxiety.


I couldn’t go out of the house by myself, no socialising, no shopping, no exercise, nothing! I was unable to do even the most basic of tasks without feeling like I was either likely to have a heart attack, my heart was pounding so hard, or wanting the ground to literally open up and swallow me.


I remember the first session speaking at 100mph whilst not actually making much sense at all and the following few sessions where I was more up and down than an lift in the Empire State Building!


The progress I have made since I started seeing Camilla has been astonishing, whilst I’m still not 100% “me” again, I know that I am getting there. The improvements are there in the fact that I can go jogging again, without worrying about my heart rate increasing too much; can go food shopping, something that is actually now a pleasure?!?!; I can see my friends again, albeit not in busy places but I am sure with time that will come. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I was a mess, completely broken and now I’m not, this is in no small part thanks to Camilla, I would recommend her to anyone.