Male 12 years old

October 31, 2018

Over the last 4 years I have suffered with low mood / anxiety at various times. I have previously received therapy, but the low mood kept returning, which told me that I still had issues that weren’t being addressed.
Earlier this year I was referred to Camilla for therapy. She worked with me closely to help me understand what was happening and why. She helped me to understand that actually the reason as to why I was feeling so low was due to loneliness. Camilla gave me the tools and taught me the skills I needed to change my life.


Since working with Camilla, I have gone from being an insular, scared and tearful shell, to a capable, committed and happy woman, determined to change her life. No longer do I come home and run into the house before anybody can catch me. No more do I find excuses not to go out, no more do I desperately try to settle down my heart rate when doing the mandatory weekly shop.

Now, I look for opportunities to go out, I seek folk to engage with, I seek the positive and life is oh so good. I now know, thanks to Camilla, that if I want my life to change, then my behaviour needs to change. She has been the driving force behind my transformation. I am so grateful to her.
My goal when I first saw Camilla was to do all I could to ensure I do not ‘go down’ again. I was getting fed up of thinking I was ok, but then out of the blue, going down, without warning and without explanation. Camilla has helped me achieve that goal.


I have now ‘graduated’ so to speak! But, I shall be keeping in touch with Camilla to let her know how I’m doing. I’m really looking forward to sharing with her everything that I’ve done in the 6 months since I’ve seen her