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Anxiety in Young People

I am receiving a significant increase in enquiries from parents looking for help for their son or daughter experiencing anxiety related issues.  Some of these young people have been as young as 10 years of age. The issues range from worries about going to school or being in lessons, concern for loved ones (which might […]


I would like to talk about Trichotillomania.  It is a condition which involves a person feeling compelled to pull their hair out either on their head or other places such as eyebrows or eyelashes. I’ve seen a few people with this condition and it can be very distressing. Mostly the hair pulling comes about due to […]

Assertiveness Group

I have a new group starting soon. A psychoeducational assertiveness group aimed at helping people to gain valuable skills in how to be more assertive and deal with manipulative and aggressive people. It is a group I have run many times before in my last job and I am very excited about being able to […]