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Camilla Poncia B.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc CPsychol


For Camilla, psychology is more than just a career, she believes in what she does and that she can help people overcome their problems. From a young age she knew what she wanted to do and pursued it with vigour.

As you can see from the information below she took the time and effort to ensure she had all the necessary qualifications to be able to offer the best possible Psychological services.

She appreciates and understand that it takes courage to take that first step and recognise that you might need or want some help.

Camilla was born in the UK, raised in South Africa and then went on to spend a few years living in Canada before returning to the UK. She did her undergraduate degree in Social Psychology at Loughborough University and then went on to train as a Counselling Psychologist at London Metropolitan University and achieved chartered status in 2002.
Throughout her career she has developed strong skills and high levels of expertise in many areas and has brought all the techniques acquired into private practice. She welcomes and enjoys working closely with GP’s, Psychiatrists, and Consultants across disciplines to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.
She has extensive experience in setting up and delivering successful psycho-educational groups in CBT, Assertiveness and Self Esteem. She has additional qualifications in professional supervision and has supervised many trainee and qualified clinicians. She also has skills in administering psychometric and diagnostic tests for adults and children.
Camilla is a highly experienced practitioner with advanced skills and training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused, Problem-Solving, Systemic and Psychodynamic therapeutic approaches. Along with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in working individually with children, adolescents, adults and couples and families.
Her areas of expertise include knowledge and understanding of a wide range of disorders and difficulties, including anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, childhood trauma and PTSD, eating disorders, ADHD, psychosexual issues, personality based difficulties, addictions, self-harm and bipolar disorder to name but a few.

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Andrew Baker. MNCS (Acc.), MBACP. Psychotherapeutic Counsellor


Andrew has worked as a Biomedical Scientist (BMS) in Pathology for 34 years (21 in the NHS and the last 13 in the private sector) but since qualifying as a Psychotherapist in 2009 and completing his Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling in 2010 with distinction, he has found far more reward in working directly with individuals (on a counselling basis) rather than working with ‘a sample’ (on a medical laboratory basis).  However the scientific, medical background proves very useful.

Prior to qualifying as a counsellor, Andrew took a year’s course in Hypnotherapy and Counselling skills and qualified as a Hypnotherapist for which he is still registered. He has since attended further courses on hypnotherapy, e.g. “Hypnotherapy without Trance” to update his knowledge and expertise.

Andrew’s initial counselling diploma took the best elements of well-known counselling and psychotherapy models and put them together in a unique, tried and tested approach, which concentrates on treating all the problems most commonly seen by professional counsellors and psychotherapists (e.g. depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD, etc.) whilst allowing him to develop his own professional identity.  Andrew believes the integrated approach enables him to offer a tailor made course of therapy to his clients – as Abraham Maslow said, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”.

From April 2012 to May 2013 Andrew held a voluntary, part-time post as a Counsellor for the Primary Care Mental Health Services based in Bournemouth.  He considers that this post was both rewarding and invaluable as it gave him an excellent grounding in short-term interventions within the primary care setting.  It also gave him the opportunity to work and liaise with other, very experienced, members of the team.

For the last six years Andrew has been seeing clients on a private basis at the Bournemouth Nuffield Hospital where he currently holds practice privileges.

When appropriate in his work, Andrew tries to link the development, structure and function of the brain to the concept of ‘mind’ – that intangible element of ourselves that shapes our very personality; beliefs and values, thoughts and actions.  Andrew finds that psycho-education plays an important part in the therapy that he delivers and that clients benefit greatly from understanding how the structure and function of their brain influences their response to life events.

As part of the therapy that Andrew offers, he teaches the principles of Mindfulness, how it works and how to implement it in day-to-day life.  For further details of qualifications, training and areas of expertise please see Andrew’s website at: